Memoirs of a Radio Presenter (1)

True Story

It was the end of NYSC Camp Orientation Exercise and we were getting our ‘posting letters’.

Everyone wanted to get posted to the State-Capital because that was the ‘happening-place’. My friends had all gotten theirs, ‘Rachi got posted to a thriving cement company in the state-capital, my other friend got posted to what seemed to be a cyber-cafe in the state-capital (we had a good laugh over that) because she read Computer Science, and I got posted to this newly found private radio house. It was a beautiful place.

Kopa Weee- Kopa Waaa…endurance trek

I was ecstatic, I was over-joyed, it was definitely a dream come true.

The station was up on a hill and without-further-ado, I mounted a bike (Okada) and fired up the mountain with all confidence. I Still remember visibly how I pulled my suitcase over my lap and squinted my eyes to protect it from the wind and its condiments flying within.

Alas I arrived at this beautiful building that could compete with any in Victoria Island (a posh area in lagos) and boldly walked in with my letter to announce that I had been posted there for the year. This pleasant looking lady (who has become my good friend) ,  *Prisca walked up to me to collect the letter and went back into the office to check with her boss.

I remained on my seat, my neck going the whole 360 degrees checking out the reception. Who would have thought a pretty place like this existed in this TOWN? She came back into the reception room with a slightly disappointed look, and my heart dropped that second. She said, “I’m sorry we cannot accept you because we are a new station and we do not yet have a policy concerning corpers”. I was stunned, I said “but I have been posted here, where should I go?” At this point, I was still acting all brave, when all I wanted to do was CRY!

She asked me to wait a minute and went back inside, I started praying in my mind. God, how could this opportunity slip away just like that. She returned and asked  me to follow her into the boss’ office. I was hardly prepared for who I met.  His nick name is The True OG – and he’s got a phenomenal voice.

He looked at me blandly and said the exact same words *Prisca said earlier on. My interview skills I learnt in school immediately kicked-in. I never knew I could market myself that bad. The words were rushing out, but the few I could remember was that, “I am a very hardworking person, I put my best into every task I am given to do, I graduated…, I will add value to your company like no one has done….” At the end of it all, I managed to pique his interest a little and the bland look got a bit dilluted. The truth is that with True OG, even if he is madly impressed with you, he can keep his emotions under such solid wraps a hunter’s knife won’t slice through.

True OG told me to go home that he will give me a call within the next three days. He said he is not promising anything, but my ‘pitch’ makes him think there may be something in me. So he was going to talk with the board of director’s about me and let me know what’s up. No promises!! he repeated that till it stuck. Then he did the unimaginable, he gave me N1,000 to take a cab home (suffice to say I had no home, my friends and I were groping around town trying to find our bearing). The money was a pleasant surprise, but it confirmed to me that I definitely said something right.

The next challenge now was to get back down-hill and meet back up with my friends from NYSC camp.

To be continued…


17 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Radio Presenter (1)

  1. kitua says:

    Im waiting…..dont take too long 😉

  2. Kemi says:

    how could u stop???*sobbing*..oya, oya, complete this story ASAP. Funny enough, I had a similar treatment at Zenith Bank when i got posted there..but nobody gave me transport money

  3. Motilola says:

    Tomi, such an interesting experience I’m sure you’ll never forget so quickly. It reminds me of mine…. You were lucky you didn’t cry. I did profusely. It was only God and my marketing skills that saved me…. That’s a story for next time.

    Good job girl!

  4. Amara says:

    I gues Rachi had a worse experience.wel lets wait for d happy ending of d story 😉

  5. Tomexy says:

    Is it a coincedence that the first 3 authors of the first 3 comments all had ‘K’ names; Kunle, Kitua and Kemi Thanks for reading guys, I will make sure I put the second part up before the week runs out.

    LOL @Amara …
    @Motilola, I would love to hear your story. If you served in a media house, then you can guest-blog with me soon 😉

    Thanks for following guys, plz share with your peeps whenever they are bored, lol.

  6. Abiye says:

    Chai! U will stop this to be continued thing oh. Why didn’t u just continue it. Anyways, I forgive u this time. But no more part 2s next time. The wait is unbearable.

  7. Morayo says:

    This is interesting…leaving the comfort of your home and environment is not funny at all but its an experience worth having….am waiting for the second part

  8. Larhaa says:

    Awwwww, nice and True Story of the Media Junky!!! lol
    Hmmmm (with a BIG Frown) no mention of the one that was posted to a VILLAGE!!! 😦 So unimportant, huh?

  9. wandy says:

    hurry and finish it ooo.
    i wasnt rejected but got friends who were and others who had very miserable places to serve.
    keep it roolin.

  10. temiville says:

    Well done! Your experience of NYSC is quite encouraging. I have a feeling it is going to end very well. People like us who are not particularly looking forward to the experience are beginning to believe there might be hope there after all.

    Looking forward to Part II.

  11. deddyboy says:

    Nice, i can’t wait for the rest.

  12. Julian says:

    Oh no. Very interesting. You didnt have to stop abruptly.

  13. Olumuyiwa Faulkner says:

    This is awesome…when are we visiting the publishers…

  14. Tomexy says:

    @Abiye, your highness forgive me lol… I
    @Morayo, It was definitely an experience we would never forget. Afterall, I am still remembering after almost 3 years 🙂
    @larahha … c’mon babe.. you know you are important, you were far away na lol
    @Wandy, thanks bro.. it shall roll lol
    @temiville I am looking forward to ‘This Life Sha’ as well 😉
    @deddyboy and Julian – I won’t disappoint you guys, I promise lol.
    @Olumuyiwa, lol.. let’s discuss figures 🙂 (kidding)

  15. Obehi says:

    Nice one Tomexy…im itching 2 hear the rest

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