Memoirs of a Radio Presenter (2)

In case you missed Memoirs of a Radio presenter (1), please click the link.

In real life situations, to go down a hill is usually easier than coming up. But in my case, as I sat for endless hours in that beautiful reception, going  down that hill seemed impossible at the moment. The Okada man (commercial motorcylcist) that brought me up had exhausted his reservoir of patience and abandoned me up-hill.

The Mountain ‘Party’

I called my friend ‘bobo, the computer science guru-girl who had been posted to an internet service centre to sell recharge cards and tickets – the horror. I told her I was stuck, so she should kindly wait for me at the secretariat till we could hook up and go figure where we would lay our heads that night.

Mid-call the official bus arrived with about 15 people who were going to soon become my colleagues. Their beautiful apperances reminded me of how scruffy and unkempt I must look in my khakis at that moment. I was later told by one of the guys that as soon as he saw me, he though to himself, “what kind of ugly corper did they post to this office.” LOL – I am happy to announce to you that thankfully, that  impression did not last long though 🙂

The driver of the bus then opted to take me back downhill along with other members of staff who were all set to go. No one said  a word to me on the bus, I just kept looking out the window.

I finally got to the secretariat to meet my friend ‘bobo who was eager to know how it all went. My news was not so encourgaing and so I asked after hers. This was when she broke down the gist that her duties were to sell internet browsing tickets and phone recharge cards (top-ups). In fact, her ‘office’ came with accomodation – a small single-windowed room right behind the cybercafe. So even when business closes, people may come to knock at her door to supply them recharge cards. I am sure you are rolling on the floor by now. This was not an option for ‘Bobo, but we decided we were going to seek alternatives once we were settled down.

In the middle of our discussion, a respectable looking man approached us and said, “are you the two corpers?”

We looked at him blankly. ‘Bobo was the first to find her voice, “what corpers exactly are you looking for?”

“I was sent here to come and help two corpers..” he replied. I was still confused. ‘Bobo was a lot more street-wise than I was so she handled it. She said, she is not certain we are the two corpers but we could use a little help. We were new to the town, we had no idea where to go, what to do etc, but that we were planning on visiting our university church Winners Chapel to meet the pastor and get some help. He said he was a ‘Winner’ himself and he would take us to the church.

I am naturally very suspicious of strangers, so I secretly kept pinching and yanking ‘Bobo’s shirt as we walked with him. I had the last straw when he asked if we wanted to stop by his house on the way to church to drop our luggage since his house was along the same road.

My eyeballs grew as BIG as TEACUPS – my brain was screaming RAPIST. I know that is unfair, but what do you expect? I was in a strange town with a strange man!

‘Bobo said no problem and we went along. When we got in, he said he did not mind giving us both where to lay our heads today, or he could book us into an hotel, how many were we. ‘Bobo and I said we were many, we left camp as a team and we are group of 3 girls (that is including ‘Rachi) and 3 boys (of whom we had no idea where they were at that point).

So we dropped our luggage and headed for the Church, where we met a pastor already standing at the entrance with a man from the radio station.

To be continued…


9 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Radio Presenter (2)

  1. kitua says:

    hmmm…..maybe you would be kind enough to let us share our own experience when you are done? In the meantime, Please stop stopping nau! lol

  2. larha says:

    Common!!! Finish up na.

  3. Abiye says:

    Tomexy! Tomexy! Tomexy! how many times did I call you? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? Now I have to wait again. Pity us now, you know that the story is so,so interesting. Waiting is painful. Anyways, I’m waiting.

  4. chichimambo says:

    lol @ Abiye….how many times have i called u?

  5. deddyboy says:

    And yet again we wait. :p… nice one btw…. please can you stop keeping us in suspense.

  6. blogoratti says:

    Great spot…be back to read more*

  7. reachdy says:

    Nycee one tomi…waiting

  8. Tomexy says:

    Thanks guys… you rock! 🙂 I am already working on the next part, and it will be dropped sooner than you think. Thank you for following my JUNKIE blog, I appreciate you a lot.

  9. temiville says:

    hehehe @ eyes bulging! Too funny…

    Loving it.

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