M.Junkie says Thank You!

Welcome to 2011 on Teesdiary.

I want to thank you so much for 2010; having you read my blog and drop comments always made my day.

2010 was a brilliant year, as it was filled with loads of accomplishments and the stone-laying of other important projects (media & otherwise) for me.

Just to gloss over the year and reflect on where we’ve been coming from, I have gists to share with you.

I started this blog as a coursework at the university in March last year, and I fell in love with the system. Writing is a passion, and writing about the media and society is pure bliss for me. I just felt the things I was learning in the classroom were too relevant to the larger society, and if I could break it down with less jargons, non-media people who thirst for knowledge could benefit. This was and still is the idea behind this blog.

WordPress sent me a summary of activities that have gone on on this blog in the past year. You favourite post was SEX, THE MEDIA AND THE KIDS on May 27. This was followed closely by ONYEKA, POOR JOURNALISM & TONI PAYNE STORY. At the Number 3 position was my mini-biography of MEMOIRS OF A RADIO PRESENTER.

I am aware that I haven’t continued with the memoirs, so I will do well to provide the hopefully last 3 parts to finish that off.

2011 is looking much more promising. So many things are going on. Everyday, there is a radical event in the society and I just wanna BLOG.

Let’s stay tight this 2011, as we make sense of our world and her mind-bugling happenings everyday.

Thank you for reading…


The Media Junkie


One thought on “M.Junkie says Thank You!

  1. Lando Yuma says:

    Hello i love your comments love to make contact you on face book Lando Hernandez chao

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