In the Spirit of Valentine…

I was on a skype-call with my friend Temiville last night and we were talking about blogging. She was getting set to publish a new post, while I lamented how my creative-juices seem to have gone on vacation this February. She suggested I do a write-up on Valentine – and I think to myself, how is that media-related?

Actually, there is hardly anything that is not related to the media. The media is like the lubricant that keeps the wheels of life in progress (I hope that doesn’t sound like a scriptural quote) LOL.

In my rumination on how to marry Valentine’s Day and Media, I realised that the HYPE of this day can only be traced to how the media have used it to set-agenda. If you take the media out of February 14, there will be no Val’s Day – this claim is open to debate.

All over Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry statuses, people are updating valentine messages (whether ‘for’ or ‘against’). Traditional media is not left out, as there are daily adverts of shows and concerts etc just to celebrate this day. Radio stations are churning out love songs like tomorrow-no-dey (like never before).

The media has not only increased awareness of Valentine’s Day through its messages, it has also somewhat shaped how it is celebrated and what is expected… for instance, guy should buy the gift, girl should recieve – or both ways and many more expectations that could be summarised as too much information.

Either way, the media shapes the culture of valentine, and it is in a manner that is peculiar to each society. I can boldly say I have never seen a society that hinges so much hype and importance on val’s day like ‘Ma People’ -go figure.

Okay, so enough of the forced marriage between Valentine and Media. How are you celebrating today?

If you are roasting or balling – I am sure you will still enjoy the piece of music by a Nigerian called Dipo D Voice. It’s a blend of jazz and soul, and it is rich in African nuances.

Happy Valentines Day from The Media Junkie


3 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Valentine…

  1. Temiville says:


    I am celebrating valentine’s by listening to some music after which I shall proceed to watch “Jelili” which I didnt get round to seeing yesterday.

    Have a lovely day T!!!

  2. Temiville says:

    jelili is not working on my laptop. so ill see woman thou art loosed

  3. chichimambo says:

    thanks for sharing …happy valentines day!!

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