Return of Jenifa: My Rants

I have found myself replaying this comic Nigerian movie trailer for the umpteenth time this week and I am not tired. Even though I can predict the lines of the next scene, I still get cracked up afresh.

The Return of the Jenifa is the latest release in a 3-part sequel, and it has disappointed people like me who genuinely felt dragging for a Part 3 was pushing at the borders of the envelope called embarrassment. I am a crooner for “bow out when the ovation is loudest” and I wasn’t convinced Funke Akindele would be able to pull off another applaudable piece of creativity.

Alas, I am in awe. If Big Momma’s House and Matrix could … “9ja doesnt carry last”…you know how we do 🙂

Watch the trailer before I start my rants in earnest!

Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele

The dialogue of this Nigerian movie is in the local Yoruba language, punctured by pure comic attempts at English language by the star actress, Funke Akindele. Other acts may however speak English from time to time, but there will be subtitles to fill in the gap for any non-indegenous viewer.

In the beginning there was Suliat, an illitrate girl from the village – then she got to the city and became Jenifa (correct English spelling being Jennifer).

The movie (as is typical of Nollywood) mirrors what goes on in the society with young girls ‘getting down’ in a bid to enjoy the good life and feel among the wealthy economic class no matter how little their income and at the expense of their health and education. In my undergrad days we called them Feel-Amongers – but the posh term is Groupies I guess.

Personally, I think part of what makes JENIFA really successful as a comedy is that quite a handful of people can relate to her character whether as active participants or observers – perhaps not as exaggerated though.

In the beginning there was SULIAT…

One top catch for me about the Jenifa movie is that it carries the HIV/AIDS development message. Even though I know the messages get exposure in the films, I do hope they are effective and not lost in the comedy.

Before you start complaining that I have brought kill-joy mode to your fun – I am hearing gist that Funke Akindele intends to take the Jenifa brand ‘gaga-cious’. A comment on 1 Jenifa youtube clip says we should watch out for trademarked items and memorabilia like tee-shirts and bumper stickers that carry quotes like “suliat kan, ayetoro kan”, “gbo gbo bigs gals” etc

This brings me joy, because for once, LOCAL will be UBER COOL. If they are not properly priced, I trust Aba-Boys to swing into action and make it available to the masses as the case has been with pirated films, LOL.

Finally, as I patiently await this movie – I am heading to the cinema later this evening to see Big Momma’s House 3. I’ve read the reviews and comments on the reviews, and weeeelll… It may be laid upon my heart to talk about that too on this blog.

Let’s just accept it, February is a month of movies on Teesdiary 😛

See ya, cash ya, la-eera! (Jenifa excerpt)


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6 thoughts on “Return of Jenifa: My Rants

  1. Gaminegirlie says:

    I just saw the trailer this morning, and watched it like three times!!
    I was dreading it at first, but when I played it, it was a surprise! I’m so glad it is very funny.

  2. Agatha says:

    Nice one…

  3. Ayus says:

    My sentiments exactly. The trailer made me laugh over and over again. Thumbs up!

  4. Chiomy says:

    toms! weldone gurl…the return is gonna b hilarious… no wonder! lol

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