URL Gist!

URL Gist is a narration of web links I stumbled on in the course of the week. It’s absolutely random, and you can click on the story for further information.

This new style of blog post is inspired by Melanie Gouby whom I met on Twitter. She labelled her post Going with the wind – last week in links and dropped some really hot urls covering a broad range of topics from Tunisia to fashion and war. I thought it was a cool idea and decided to try it on here.

Here we go…



Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington sold The Huffington Post to AOL for $315m. And when she was asked about the unpaid bloggers who had helped make it a success, she said “People who blog blog whenever they want – some of them blog every two years, they blog because they have ideas that they care about and they want to express them… It’s no different from people going on TV to promote their ideas. We’re hosting people who express their ideas and if they want to write, fine, and if they don’t, fine. We get thousands of submissions so it’s not like anyone is pursuing people to write for free. My reaction was, “hmmm…. no comment..but erm, spoken like a true business woman”.###

Then I went to the blog of one of my favourite people, Jon Snow of Channel 4 news (thanks to his numerous lectures @ school). He did a post on why intervention into the revolution in Libya may not go. Snow said each revolution is peculiar too each society even though the manifestations may have been triggered by Tunisia.  According to him,  “the most likely scenario remains that Gadaffi will be taken out by one of his own, not by us.” (US being the West I presume). Snow described the freezing of assets and outside interests as popular action, however, the revolution has to take its course and war is not a viable option.###

Jon Snow in action

Jon Snow in action

Before Chimamanda’s talk on The Danger of a Single Story on the TED platform, I liked TED. After her talk, I LOVED the Ted Talks. I found this post on Huffington that puts together The Best 15 of Ted Tech Talks – technology geeks are free to pounce on this.###

Marshall McLuhan turned 100 and Paul Levinson, a new media expert did justice to Marshall’s work on a Youtube video tagged Marshall McLuhan at 100. He broke down this simple and popular statement by McLuhan, “the medium is the message” into atomic bits and ingeniously wove it in relation to our present society.I could not deny gaining a fresh understanding. I also realised that many times we media students quote that statement in error in a bid to forcefully  marry it to our essay ideas.###

A friend saved this yummy piece of information for me and I munched it as soon as I received it. It’s a post featuring Paul Bradshaw, an online journalism lecturer who is asking the question, Objectivity has Changed, Why hasn’t Journalism? If you are familiar with this blog (Teesdiary), you will know that I am a strong proponent of this school of thought that the ideal of objectivity is lost on journalism. However, let’s keep that in the oven and move on.###

An Online Journalism student dropped heavy tips on the Top Ten Crimes of Online Writing. If I thought I had it all together, this young lady told me WASSAP! It is a punchy and informative piece. If you have plans on writing for online media, this should be your first love.###

Tolu Ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi

Bringing the gist to Nigeria, a friend of Teesdiary had a special report published on the CNN site – Tolu Ogunlesi (check out TEESDIARY interview with him). In this opinion piece he rhetorically asks the question, When Will  North Africa’s Revolution Spread South? The first thing that came to mind when I saw this piece was that “thank God somebody finally gets it right, the revolution is not in the Middle East but in North Africa” (I usually accompany this with deliberate eye-rolling & rough-necking). Tolu is of the opinion that Nigeria has gone beyond the need to ‘fight for freedom’. In his words, “Truly democratic countries, like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Benin — flawed as their political class may currently be — have no business fantasizing about Tahrir Square.” He thinks Nigeria should focus instead on strengthening justice systems, parliaments, regional governments, press, civil society groups.###

Chude Jideonwo, YNaija Magazine Boss

Chude Jideonwo, YNaija Magazine Boss

Lastly, just this morning, I saw CP-Africa’s interview with Chude Jideonwo on YNaija, New Media and Nigerian Youth Culture. ###

Enjoy the links, and have a lovely weekend 🙂



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2 thoughts on “URL Gist!

  1. Great stuff! Glad to see I inspired you to do this 🙂 Will be reading more xxMelanie

  2. myne Whitman says:

    I love reading link posts, going to check out Tolu’s commentary.

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