Journalism: Glamour & Glitz?

Journalism is more than an exciting and glamorous occupation. At its best, by informing what millions believe, holding power to account and challenging injustice, it reinforces the most cherished values of democratic societies. At its worst, it distorts and manipulates, so eroding trust and fostering prejudice

University of Kent, Centre for Journalism

I came across this description on Kent Uni journalism page, and it appealed to me. My attraction for this quote is that it addresses one of the top myths surrounding journalism studies. That is, I have a pretty face, so I will make a fab TV presenter- like one of my learned friends would say, that is utter KE-FO-FO (seriously, don’t bother with the dictionary).

Journalism is definitely more than glamour and glitz. Right now, thanks to the Internet, you can attain glam-status without tirelessly flipping the pages of BITNER’s Introduction to Mass Communication (a textbook I used in my first year @ uni). Ask the Twitter-Celebrities, there are shorter cuts to that destination…

urm... I just found this funny and thought to share, LOL

MY SECOND attraction for the above quote is that it is brutally honest about the profession, and I commend University of Kent for this. Check this out again, “at its best…it reinforces the most cherished values of democratic societies, and at its worst, it distorts and manipulates, so eroding trust and fostering prejudice”.

The point is, before you get on a Journalism program, you should thoroughly understand what you are signing up for to prevent disappointments in the course of study.


The Glamour & Glitz Myth: The Glamour & Glitz Myth::::The Glamour

I will be honest that my initial fascination with the media at a very young age was the T.V. people. I wanted to be like them. A scar on my leg is proof enough. I dug a stick into my bedroom window to serve as my microphone, while I stood on a poorly functioning chair that collapsed. Hence, I have this pretty little scar that has come to form part of my identity. Whenever I re-evaluate my chosen career path, I give it a good pat like a faithful dog, lol.

Journalism is hard work.

The journalist carries a huge portion of the nation’s democracy-maintenance-responsibilites on his/her little shoulders, it’s quite a burden.

It does not yield financial fortune and wealth, at least not in a one-off manner (maybe when you turn 60)

Not everyone makes it to the big screen or speakers. Most sweat it out in the background to make the screen look good and you never know who they are.

If you are seeking celebrity status, secretly or openly, I would advise you to tow another path. Perhaps music, acting or comedy etc.

As cliched as this may sound, study Journalism only if you really want to become a Journalist and have enough passion to take you through the endless hours of slamming the keyboard,searching, verifying and disseminating accurate information.

One of the good books I read very early before fully embarking on this path was one by Wayne Freedman (a really long title, but it’s worth it):




P/S: I acquired a slamming hot Canon camera that has been threatening to take me away from you guys :p … but you know that is not possible. I will share some of my original images with you in a post soon (depending on how many peeps gimme permission).

Do have a lovely week!





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