RIP CD John!

There have been deaths in the media industry. Yesterday, Liz Taylor died at 79.

I woke up this morning to sad Blackberry Statuses, Tweets, and finally a phone call confirming  the death of a Nigerian comedian whose jokes I fell in love with at first hearing – CD John.

News from the Grapevine has it that he lost his life in an automobile accident where everyone except himself (the driver) survived. This was on return from his birthday celebration in Lagos Nigeria.

I still remember playing his youtube video for my aunt and mum when they came visiting, and how they laughed so hard they had to dash for the ladies’ – my aunt beat my mum to the door. It was so much fun and I looked forward to more from this talent.

Here is the video (it’s mostly in Nigerian English and languages):

I will share a few tweets about this talent whom I hardly got to know.

Darey-Art-Alade: @darey: We just lost a Bright mind and a Comedian, who was in a class of his own. RIP CD John!!!

WizKid: Gosh! R.I.P CD John!! dis nicca was supposed to do a skit on my album! We even went to kano 2geda Damn! Life is short!..God bless ur soul!..

EnnyThe Closet: RIP CD John 😦 You were the highlight of the night and made my day at Basket mouth’s show in Abuja. So sad ….. (Happy birthday also)

Olugazik: Da Grin and CD John were getting to stardom when the “unexpected” happened.

Andysmiles: Days back it was NATE DOGG! Yesterday it was ELIZABETH TAYLOR! & now CD JOHN? ..crying.

These are just a few of the tweets I have amassed on this young man. Only a few saw his star rise, alas it has been cut short. Just as a lot of people are mourning him loads are asking who he is as they have never heard of him.

I am gathering from sources, though yet to be confirmed, that this fateful day is his birthday as well.

CD John played a role in the Return of Jenifa movie that is yet to be released. Check the trailer again and pay attention to the guy who jumped the KWEE (queue), thus attracting insults from Lady Jenifa. I look forward to seeing him in final action at the premiere.

Rest in Peace CD-John.

I hope in heaven, you are dropping some hot tracks with the angels in that melodious voice.

Latest  from CD John : Live @ jedi LWKMD (Laff Wan Kill Me Die) Lagos


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11 thoughts on “RIP CD John!

  1. Olajiire says:

    I’m so short of word,I mean this guy was just rising to stardom,I just don’t knw wuh to say……Its so so so so sad. When did Da Grin die,his 1 year rememberance is 22nd of nxt mth……..This is bad

  2. Taiwo says:

    Soo sad! He was just beginning τ̅☺ make wave in τ̲̅ђe industry wiv his unique kinda joke, b4 his life ws suddenly cut short in τ̲̅ђe hands of cold death… May his gentle soul rest in peace!

  3. TITILAYO says:

    dis is so saaaaaaaaaad.May his soul rest in peace.

  4. blessing says:

    so sad, but we can question God almighty. RIP CD JOHN and happy bday

  5. Lebia says:

    ….what am I that God is mindful of me? may I be ready when my own trumpet sounds. CD John a budding star, nipped at the bud. Rest in peace.

  6. comfort imeh says:

    this is a wicked wall, how can this guy be caught off so early in life, and to think that he is just about realising his full potential…this is a lesson to us all


  7. tope says:

    I’m so short of words, i really dont know what to say He’s been to my school before and it was really fun. can never forget him. may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  8. tope says:

    I’m so short of words, i really don’t know what to say He’s been to my school before and it was really fun. can never forget him. may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  9. ANASTACIA says:

    i just heard ,am so sad,rest in peace,i ill miss u.friend

  10. nwaona says:

    cd john aaaaaaaaaa y now well God gives nd take rip my man gud nite broooo

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