Election Delayed…Election Denied?

This is a very short piece.

Top agenda on Nigerian news has been the postponement of the general elections that were scheduled to kick off yesterday, 2 nd April 2011. This development according to news reports, was due to the late arrival of election materials at polling stations all around the country.

For a country whose democracy is still been perceived by some as epileptic, coupled with the reputation of a ‘zoning’ practice that makes Nigeria’s claim to practice democracy a global laughing stock, this election postponement is no doubt a cog in the wheel…

Nigerian youths through various advocacy groups such as Vote or Quench, Enough is Enough, What About Us and more have worked hard to restore hope to the masses in the credibility of this election through diverse platforms. From rallies to viral online campaigns, the youths have worked tirelessly and I can testify boldly. Just over a week ago, these groups successfully pushed for a youth-centred debate amongst the presidential aspirants.

However, after all said and done, situations like postponing the election date (twice) cannot help but fertilise the seeds of doubt that already lay dormant in the heart of most Nigerians. Questions like, could this mean they want to take their time to rig it properly? could start hovering. I am not in any way stating that this is the case. However, more could have been done in terms of proper planning and organisation, to prevent this non-positive development.

What are the consequences going to be for this delayed election – the election process can defeintely not be denied the masses, but most important of all is the RESULT.

Gladly, there are many who still believe in a bright future for Nigeria. Below is music video by a Nigerian act popularly known as TY Bello. It’s an hope lifting piece of art…cling to the lyrics while Nigeria hopes for the best.


IN OTHER NEWS…. I promised to share photos from  my fab camera (whichI am so proud of )’Mitchell’… 🙂

TemmeyTrends is an African designer in the United Kingdom. This is one of her prints.

Another African Print top from Temmey Trends

I finally got TemeeyTrends boss in the Studio




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