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It is exactly 10 days today since my last post. In 10 days, a lot has happened to me and the world around me.

First of all, I had the Fairy God Sister over @ mine :D. 2 bloggers, 2 computers and internet connection – it was social media at its best. Don’t get me wrong though, even while blogging and networking, we still had lots of fun.

Highlights: we saw Fast and Furious 5  at the cinema, she sneaked to a theme park without me (kidding), we shopped till we nearly dropped and the best part was the laughter. We had good laughs about everything you can possibly think of 😀

On the downside, I lost a former school mate somewhere within the 10 days, and loads of youths (National Youth Service Corps members)  lost their lives in the post-election crisis in Nigeria. The tales were sad, so sad that there is now an ongoing campaign tagged PROTECT THE CORPERS. All Nigerian youths are urged to sign this petition.

Enough is enough of youths losing their lives at the altar of negligence on the part of those who are meant to protect them.

I was highly impressed when I learnt that the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola had embarked on an evacuation exercise of Lagos corps members in the hotspots.


However, I still have a few links to share with you. I came across them while internet-surfing

GuardianUK released the world’s Top Ten Newspaper Websites. New York Times topped the list, and Mail Online beat Huffington Post to the second position.

Meanwhile, the “bloggers vs Arianna Huffington” debate is still on, and I found this –Lawsuit of the Day. The author said, “As a writer myself, I’m all in favor of writers being paid for what they do. But the lawsuit against HuffPo strikes me as a bit dubious….” Hmm!

There was also this article by Mfonobong Nsehe, who announced his reason Why Africa May Never Produce a Facebook. I am glad he said MAY and not WILL. his argument is premised on the fact that although Africa has its own share of Zuckerbergs, Masons and Picnuses, it lacks venture capital firms to fund these initiatives. Any astute business man reading this post may have just unlocked his key to a life of fortune and a place in Forbes’ list *wink*.

It’s taking every ounce of my willpower not to use an hyperbolic expression and say this is the first time I am seeing the Western media give Nigeria a positive coverage. But it did happen! The Economist gave a Nigeria a pre-election report that was void of ‘bad air’ – it was optimistic. I could not however ignore a tinge of sarcasm in the title of the article “They May Even be Democratic”. It is the kind of statement that would attract an immediate hot retort, “so what are you are trying to say?”

Africa’s music scene is fast improving and I am proud to present to you the latest video from Nigerian music artist, Darey Art-Alade. It’s fresh and different. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “URL GiStS [2]

  1. Dotun..a.k.a DuDu says:

    Well written Tomi, and I envy the fun you had.
    I lost someone this morning as well, my close friends son, the 3yr old featured in TY Bello’s “Future is here” Video, but today, he’s gone. Sad I must say.
    The protectTheCorpers campaign is app laudable. I had always wondered if the motive behind the creation of the scheme was still being achieved. Thus, I suggested in my debate with colleagues that corpers should be posted to their home towns(state of origin), and those who choose to be adventurous can subject their posting to NYSCs choice.With that, each corper is closer to relatives or comfortable among kinsmen. I noticed that at every instance of violence, the visiting corpers are mostly the targets.
    Dareys video is Good.Quality is international, props and set–>topnotch.

  2. Chichimambo says:

    I have one word for the huff-post law suit “Bollocks”! Are we now going to tell Facebook to pay for its subscribers? No. That writer needs to go to NY Times..they pay even for their Op-Eds. Ariana is a smart woman, these bloggers now have a loyal audience, people swamp to their various blogs, they can use the Huff Post to generate income for themselves in other ways, so instead of trying to sue someone for their genius, create something better or pay for genius idea! That’s how I see it…oh did I say “GO TOMI” lol Always love reading your posts.

    • Tomi Oladepo says:

      I absolutely get your point on the HuffPo Debate. Arianna is being purely business-like in this case… I am closely watching how the drama unfolds.
      M/While, U ROCK!!! 🙂

  3. I had fun too honey!! But wait o, why a picture of the absolutely sexy Vin Diesel and not one of us (u know the one I’m refering to!!!)
    Anyways, I’m all for the ‘Protect The Corpers’ initiative, overhaul or scrap it!!
    On the links, good reading material, just need to wrap up that report (yes I haven’t finished it yet)!
    Love ya!

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