ACCE Media and Terrorism Conference

The African Council for Communication and Education (ACCE) is organising a conference tagged, “Media, Terrorism and Political Communication in a Multicultural Environment.”

The conference is set to tackle terrorism as a major threat to peace and sustainable development in Africa, in relation to the role of media as members of the society. For instance, just today, I read on Think Africa Press that ever since the ‘revolution’ in Egypt, violence has been on a rise.

Covenant University Africa Development Centre

Nigeria has witnessed acts of terrorism such  as kidnappings & bomb blasts, and in the same vein, political transitions in most parts of Africa have been heralded by “acts of brigandage, violence, murder, assassination of opponents, and other acts of terrorism.”

All these goings-on have made it imperative to dissect the interplay between the media and the afore-mentioned issues.

Sub-themes at the conference include:

  1. Theoretical Foundations of terrorism and Political Communication
  2. Terrorism,  National Security, Development and the Media
  3. Media literacy and Cultural Values
  4. Public relations and Image Manipulation
  5. Political Advertising in a multicultural environment
  6. Freedom of Information and media coverage of Narco-terrorism
  7. Religion, Media and Terrorism
  8. Political Communication in a multicultural environment
  9. New Media and Environmental Surveillance
  10. Cybercrimes, terrorism and Media Coverage
  11. Protection of Sources and freedom of Access to Information
  12. Financial Crimes reporting in a Multicultural environment
  13. Citizens Journalism
  14. Women,  Political Participation and the Media
  15. Gender, Youths and Terrorism
  16. Ethnicity, Terrorism, Political participation and the Media
  17. Human Rights Issue, Terrorism and the Media
  18. Media Laws and Ethics in a multicultural environment
The deadline for submitting abstracts is 24th June, 2011, and the full paper should have been submitted by 21st July, 2011. The conference will hold from 20th September – 22nd September, 2011.
Covenant University (Africa Development Centre), Ota, Nigeria, will be hosting the conference.
For further information on how to participate and more, please visit
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