Weather Reporters: the most ignored clan

During the week, I came across someone online who jokingly described me as a stubborn writer —> 🙂

All well and good!

I figured since I have been tagged a ‘stubborn writer’ , I may as well get ‘stubborn’ with a very random topic this June. I have therefore CHOSEN ( 😛  ) to write about :

Weather Reporters/Broadcasters

What would life be without this wonderful crop of Journalists?

Although they don’t work the battle fields in Abbottabad, Iraq or Afghanistan and they are not your Amanpour or Robertson, they are very important to the information loop the media functions in.

Let’s appreciate these people who unfailingly appear on our screens everyday yet hardly hit the limelight status. They are like that old jacket we have become so used to that we dorn it without giving it a glance.

Weather issues may not always take the centre stage in news broadcasts, but they matter.

I bet you get irritated sometimes when a news bulletin is punctured with a happy-go-lucky girl hopping around a large map on the screen,  telling you “the sun is gonna shine tomorrow.”

There is no harm in confessing, get it off your chest – you are not alone, I even swap channels sometimes and return when my inner spirit convinces me that the weather reporter has finished his/her duty.

Perhaps you only pay a little more attention to them when you have a planned BBQ coming up, or you want to fix your wedding date 🙂 A friend of mine had a barbecue in Birmingham recently, and he turned into aweather-forcast expert overnight.

Please do me a favour and pay close attention to the words of your local weather broadcaster today 🙂 I will try to do same.

Along this vein, I will also like to sympathise with the victims of the tornadoes in Missouri, Arkansas, South Dakota, Minnesota and other places. Do say a prayer for them.

Catch you real soon. June is  my favourite month 🙂


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