My Blog Groove

This is a tale of how Tee got her blog groove back.

Since my return to the land of pretty-slow-Internet, it has taken every ounce of will power my little frame may possess to put up this post. Even as I write, I am doubting the strength and ability of my dial-up connection to launch this post into cyber space for your reading pleasure.

Every day, I watched the dwindling figures of my blog visitors with utter dismay, and I must thank you for staying faithful. It’s your desire to read from me that has motivated me to defy all odds and at least attempt to make the most of my network situation.

Many waters (permit me to use that expression) have passed under the bridge in mediaville and the world at large, I just hope you haven’t missed out on much.

Where do I start from, is it the closure of News of the World, Arrest of Rebekah Brooks, the heroic act of Murdoch’s wife, a top journalist and critic turned adviser in Nigeria, Strauss Kahn’s vindication… I can go on. It’s indeed been an eventful season for fellow media junkies, and I look forward to tearing those stories apart on this platform.

This post is meant to be brief and pungent. You could call it the ‘testing microphone’ phase.

Right now, all I wanna do is publish!

The Media Junkie is back!!!



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