Ladies Only! (FabXchange) — Advertorial

Hey Ladies wassup!

I have a sneaky feeling some men just clicked this post out of sheer curiosity – you are still welcome to digitally eavesdrop 😀 (if you can handle it)

Let me start by saying this is an advertorial, but I can almost promise you will thank me for it at the end of the day.


Have you (as a lady) ever had issues de-cluttering your wardrobe? You’ve got so many items you haven’t worn in years and have no way of letting it go to create space for new ones – well FabXchange has just provided a FaB solution. 

FabXchange is an eco-friendly swapping (exchange of clothing item between women) initiative created by The SwapQueens, Ronke Odewumi and Detola Amure.

This idea was born when they found fashion treasures in each other’s wardrobes that the other didn’t seem to need or wear. They also realised that between them, their friends and women in the UK, lay a mountain of clothes rarely worn and idling away in wardrobes. Imagine a heap globally abandoned tops, H&C shirts, high-waist pants and Levi jeans (to mention a few). This was how the Swap Party was born.

The cloth swapping parties held by the SwapQueens take place throughout the year in London, and give attendees the opportunity to get a number of new clothes into their wardrobe at a go, without going shopping. It also affords you the opportunity to clear out clothes you’ve hardly  worn, and de-clutter your wardrobe in the process. Shoes, Bags and Books are also swapped at these events.

A happy FAB swapper!

The Fab swap parties is simply a trendy way to do ‘ethical shopping’. What’s more,  ladies concerned with keeping the earth green can stamp their carbon footprint down, while getting something back. This means the ‘Green People” get maximum satisfaction, how fab!

At every swap party, there are other side attractions such as beauty, makeup, book & voucher giveaways, beauty makeovers, costume jewellery & accessories on sales and so much more.

The next swap party by the SwapQueens themed “Starve the landfill” is holding on the 27th of August, at The Rock Tower, Tufnell Park Road, N7 0PS at 2p.m prompt. There is a fabulous shoe give away by MifaniShoes at the event. Visit

You can follow the SwapQueens on


Twitter- @fabxchange



2 thoughts on “Ladies Only! (FabXchange) — Advertorial

  1. MsBukonla says:

    So why are we not having this in Lagos na! I’m beefing u people joo.

  2. swapqueen 1 says:

    Awww.. Lagos…watch this space!!! 🙂

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