Love Letter Days Are Gone

We are in the ‘ember months, finally. 2011 is wrapping itself up so nicely that you better do what you gotta do today and don’t leave it till tomorrow.

Sometimes I blame the fast-flying days on the Digital Age we are in. You wake up; get so immersed in work on your internet-connected device, which suffers a chronic case of information overload, then you open numerous tabs of must-read articles. MSWord, PowerPoint pages, Twitter and the steady in-flow of emails are not to be left out. Suddenly WHAM it’s 8pm in the evening and you haven’t even showered yet.

The above is the least of things I blame the Digitial Age for. Another accusation I would like to level on the Digital Age no mater how dear it is to me is the death of good old-fashioned love letters. Yes, love letters – those ones you pick the pen (or feather/quill/cotton bud, depending on your generation) and write sweet words to the love of your life.



It just feels weird to send a love letter via email. Emails have this ‘official aura’ that prevents one from engaging in flowery love language via the keyboard * shudders *. To me, it’s quite impersonal. The beauty of love letters back then went beyond just relaying the written message. The handwriting (in cursive I might add, for maximum impact) was an important element in the wooing process. Let me not forget the sprinkling of your sister or mother’s expensive body fragrance on the poor piece of papyrus (paper), and the all -important cupid sketch with a thick arrow piercing its fragile center, signed Ditto! Aaah, someone is smiling.

Just yesterday, a friend tweeted that “a guy proposed to his girl via Blackberry Messenger – is that good or fail?” In my books, that is epic fail. The “No” response will be so resounding that it would echo for generations to come.

Oh people come on. I am beginning to suspect that very soon we would be conducting marriage ceremonies via Skype conference chat. When we get to the bit of “you may now kiss the bride”, the bride and groom would gingerly drop a Kiss Smiley. Okay. Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit; so let me back track a few steps.

Much as I love the digital age and I am proud to be part of the generation experiencing these advances in technology, some of us still miss that old school feel. I am not even that old, yet I miss it, how much more the older generation. I suspect they are enjoying it too though, or how do I explain their use of LOL and LMAO when chatting with me 🙂

However, let’s lay some ground rules on this love letter and wooing thingy. Girls if you agree with me, say u-huh, u-huh!

You are permitted to get to know us on Blackberry Messenger and other chatting platforms (interspersed with phone calls), but save the almighty request (will you be my girl) for face-to-face communication. At worst, phone call – and that is permitted if you are far away.

A real handwritten letter could really go a long way in securing a yes to your request, because it’s so vintage, and girls like vintage hahaha (just jokes).

Desist from *Facebok Chyking* if you are one of them. One day, a male friend of mine used his sister’s picture as his profile picture and didn’t tend to his account for about a month. Upon return, he almost puked at the kind of messages in his inbox. I guess they were so smitten they took not account of his obvious male name. E.g.

I am A*** by name, A student of xxx University Of year. l student of Civil Engineering. I was searching through members profile on Facebook, then my eye caught your profile and i decided to send you a short note.. I will like to get to know you more better and see how things will go between us.. here is my phone number 0808***7,I will stop here for now and i will be looking forward to getting a text from you or a beep on my phone as soon as possible and see how things will go for us

I still believe the love letters of old played a huge role in improving our written English. You tore away draft and draft to make sure there were no grammatical blunders – oh the horror of a GBAGAUN* to your beloved. The creativity and flowery language that went into expressing your emotions was and still is unrivalled. Did you ever read a love letter you had to keep an Oxford dictionary page open on stand-by? That’s what I’m talking about.

After all said and done, I am proud to be a part of the Digital Age. And if the enjoyment of beautiful love letters is what I have to sacrifice to enjoy its other numerous benefits, then so help me God! 😀


Have a fab weekend folks. See ya next Saturday


Media junkie as a softie

Facebook Chyking: Chyking is a Nigerian-English term for wooing| Gbagaun: another Nigerian-English term for grammatical blunders in written or spoken forms



5 thoughts on “Love Letter Days Are Gone

  1. Nice really enjoyed reading dis one too. But guys like me would rather write letters via email for very obvious reasons…………………. my terrible hand writing. So big ups to digital

  2. Gemma Sidney says:

    U-huh, u-huh! I am so with you here. A long while ago someone broke off our (thankfully not serious) relationship via a text message, and just recently a friend of mine was dumped via Facebook. It’s ridiculous! People can be such cowards, hiding behind the latest technology.

    One positive: At least in the digital age there is spellchecker!

    Another negative that’s not directly related to your article: Technology can be a love killer! My husband and I spend way too much time on our computers, telephones etc rather than with each other! The first thing he’ll do in the morning is check his emails! (Don’t worry, it’s not serious, just something we have to work on :P)

  3. deddyboy says:

    I once wrote a love letter when i was in primary school to this cute chic, for some reason the chic left it in her assignment book and my teacher found it. we both got the flogging of our life. Only if we had facebook then, my love letter or note wont have gotten into the wrong hands.

  4. Tutu says:

    I quite agree with you on this one…but I actually think the digital age has reduced the many unsolicited escorts that we used to get at nights….the “excuse me, sister” phenomenon…

  5. leonmacedon says:

    *sigh* Wat a loss. I was really good at writing those

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