Gist & Paroles…Laptop Bag

The strangest happened to me this week. My shoulder slashed the handles of two precious handbags and my laptop bag – all in one week – DAYZ!!

The last time this kind of thing happened to me, it was with rubber bathroom slippers. It was like an invincible sharp blade had been inserted between my big toe and the next one (don’t know what it’s called, sorry). After slashing about 5 bathroom slippers in a week, (1 for Monday-Friday), I was advised to walk around the house barefoot – and ensure I don’t slash the furniture as well, LOL.

I’m sitting in the library beside this lady clad in a pink sweater that matches the pink casing of her Macbook Pro. I cannot but notice the posh laptop bag the computer is sitting in as she slams away at the keyboard. I bend to the side to comment, “hmm, that’s a nice laptop bag you’ve got there.”

She smiles and glances at mine sitting right before her a few inches away. She notices my slashed handle, and enlarges the smile – of course I smile back. Then she tells me the brand she is using. I ask how much she got it for. When she tells me, my smile brightens outwardly, but shrivels up within. I’m like, “sure, i’ll check it out.”

However dear Media Junke readers, I hope to intend to carry on using that bag as you see it for a very long time. Kindly pass me the needle and thread – thank you 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Gist & Paroles…Laptop Bag

  1. Dudu says:

    I need to get my groin checked, my jeans keep ripping just right below. Erm…pass me the needle and thread. Oh and also, not within a week like you.

  2. Tomexy says:

    Ma Fren’, will you get yourself a new pair of jeans.. what is that??!! LOL.

  3. your shoulders need to be checked. there is some metal in them.

  4. Tomexy says:

    LOL, i think the answer is that i walk around with too much load namely: books, books, and more books, a pouch of touch-up makeup kit, a bottle of juice, Bible (if there’ll be Bible study in the evening) and hand cream. That’s enough to make mybags groan 🙂 I’ll be on the look out for bags with metal handles now tho

  5. LOOOOOLLLL! you ladies… you go fear armoury na. 🙂

  6. PETprojects says:

    you’d better unstuff the bag before your shoulder dislocates, its a LAPTOP bag not a travelling bag *side eye to self*

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