How to be an Effective Researcher

I attended a training seminar on how to be an effective researcher. We used all forms of play tools as learning mechanisms- from modelling paper cars and racing them against one another, to playing a card game of aces [my partner and I came first all the way, until the last round 😦 ]. The cool thing is that, I was actually learning in the midst of this all. Skills acquired or further developed were team work, tolerating people and knowing that everyone doesn’t have to think the way you think, how to communicate effectively, managing cultures you are not familiar with and loads more.

I will do a run down of notes I’ve taken thus far, and I hope you find them helpful. If you aren’t into research, you are probably wrinkling your nose at me saying ” what’s up with you Tomexy? show us some love girl”. Forgive me mi-darling 🙂

At the training, we were divided into groups and asked to use pictures to represent who an effective researcher is. It was a fun excercise, but every image on our charts represented qualities a good researcher must have.

my group

The Qualities:

Be happy| Be healthy be a communicator and a networker| Have/acquire leadership skills| Be willing to take risks| Know where you are going| Have time management skills| Be a critical thinker/ have an inquisitive mind| Make connections with the world| Have a big heart (love, relationship, family)|Be tech savvy| Have money ( researching on an empty wallet wouldn’t be fun now, would it)| Find work/life balance| Read loads of literature| Have good presentation skills| Have a creative mind| Please know how to have fun and relax!

Above you will see the Smiley Face which stands for being happy. The stick figure at the computer shows that you have to be tech-savvy. At the bottom left, you’ll see a snake-like path with a stick figure at the top of it. It means you should have a path that you are following in your research  and have an expected end – it’s a project not a pilgrimage. I bet you can interprete the remaining figures in line with the qualities listed above.

Another chart I really liked was this:

It is an embodiment of an effective researcher. He is practically a moving robot. Each foot represents a pencil and a pen. The researcher is on a skate-board, which once again shows that he is moving in a particular direction. The @- sign on the top left corner shows he/she should be a web-guru (tech-savvy), followed by having a love life (boy, you can say that again) and connect with people, friends and family to find the work/life balance.

All in all, it was a wonderful training seminar with loads to eat and drink. I even drank tea 😐

Have a happy weekend everyone. I’ll soon be back here with some more stuff, geeky or fun – throw the dice 😉

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One thought on “How to be an Effective Researcher

  1. this is really nice. particularly the drawings. 🙂

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