100 Days in Office

I accept I have spent a little above a hundred days as a doctorate student, yet the title was too sweet for me to resist. I therefore implore you, that in your literary mercy, pardon the white lye.

In political reporting, 100-Days-in-Office is always a cool way to sum up what the newly elected leader has managed to achieve

Don't give your cam to a friend. See what she did to me :D

Don’t give your cam to a friend. See what she did to me 😀

 within the the first few days. I have always considered it a tad bit unfair to expect anything spectacular from the first hundred days, since the initial 50 would probably go into what I tag, Orientation Week. That said, I do realise it is a technique to keep political leaders accountable and on their toes. I don’t know how well mainstream media achieves that these days, citizen journalists seem to be doing a better job – story for another day. I would however like to sum up my own 100 Days as a researcher in this post.

This is my second term. First term was the honey-moon phase of swinging in and out of research skills seminars, auditing classes and generally searching and reading literature around my field. Did I mention the numerous PhD students-Get-Together events? We even had free professional shots taken at each of those events and loads to eat and drink FOR FREE! – you see why I call it the honeymoon. I stress the FREE because every time I pay for my lunch at the library cafe downstairs, I feel my wallet wince (my wallet not I, I’m a big girl) and scold me for not packing my own lunch from home.

At the end of the First Term, I had a structure for my project to work with – meaning I had direction, a point of focus. Christmas took over, and it was spent consuming TV programmes and movies, hanging out with friends (we even saw New Year’s Eve movie) and planning for the new year’s Write-a-Thon.

January  ended two days ago, and I must say I am happy with where I am in my project (hoping my supervisor would be impressed as well). There is still a lot to read and write on as usual, as I have quickly learnt that on a PhD, everyday is a writing deadline.

Just yesterday, I took a pause on the writing and decided to critique my written pages and ideas. I promise I detached myself as the author and was really brutal with my markings. I spotted gaps and arguments that needed to be modified or which spurred me towards further research. It was fun while my detached mode lasted, afterwards I sighed and headed home.

This morning, as I was about to pick up my writing, I said to myself “why not write a sketchy 100-Days-in-offfice” post. Well, here it is :). What’s your 100 Days been like?

Yours Truly,

Media Junkie

Have a wonderful February!

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5 thoughts on “100 Days in Office

  1. pyaralis says:

    Makes total sense being a student-and still there is no regret for anything! 🙂

  2. Nas says:

    hmmmmmmmmm, nyc break from my reports and plans, wish u the very best my dear. What was my 100 yrs like, don’t ask lol, ranting and protesting at our govt, and dodging and outwitting security agents and the charge of treason for calling a spade a spade.

  3. Timdavid says:

    Nice one… a first 100 days satisfactorily accounted for paves a solid 100yrs to come… given me quite a bit to think about when I eventually hit my 100days in office mark… 🙂 Cheers…

  4. Mykey Irene says:

    First 100 days in research for me, as you rightly stated, has been ” swinging in and out of research skills seminars, auditing classes and generally searching and reading literature around my field”. The key word here is “swinging”. It seems like a term used by a child on a swing but realistically it is not. I am enjoying it(shouting swwinnn-g). It has a mix. It is tough yet interesting; hard yet easy and most of all, it is discouraging yet motivating. I wish you the best. I have to run because I’ve got another “swinging” now.

  5. dynamiqueprofesseur says:

    Interesting read… I pray the joy continues for you 🙂

    – LDP

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