5 Things I Love About Student Circle Network!

It’s an Academic Public Sphere

I know I have become a Public Sphere crooner! (blame my research)

The Public Sphere is an open space where people come together to deliberate on matters of common interest. The matter of common interest at SCN is academics (education). On SCN you meet people just like you who are struggling with essays, need a spot to chill out before digging back into those books, those who love to study and others who need the motivation to. No matter the category you fall into – SCN sorts you out.

As an undergrad, I wasn’t too cool with studying at night. It seemed my eyelids and sunset had an unspoken agreement – “I set, you shut” – feel me? The moment I was moved to a girls’ hostel filled with study-holics aka efikos.. you didn’t have to tell me twice to step up my study-game -considering i’m writing this post at 3AM, the Media Junkie has indeed grown-up.

iBabble. The point of my short story is that, SCN sets the atmosphere for you to study (while having fun) because it is an Academic Social Network Site, and you are surrounded by the right kind of people with the similar interest of succeeding at their academic endeavours.

You get to be Geeky & Full-Blown Nerdy without looking or feeling out of place

One of my favourite friends (whom I admire but haven’t added as a friend yet ) has an uplifting quote for every situation, I mean every situation. If you join the network, spot him/her and tell me first, I’ll most likely have to find a reward for you. Awesome person!

I am also able to post certain thoughts and opinions and share resources I wouldn’t dare drop on Facebook, not because it is impossible, but because I would hate to see comments like “babe, na only you dey go school? Abeg clear, evaporate – in fact dissolve!” * (see Queen’s English translation below).

Albeit Academic, it’s very social and enjoyable

This point demonstrates to you that academics have a social life too -it’s not all about lavishing our wire-rimmed glasses with carbon dioxide and wiping the steam off with our neatly folded handkerchiefs (the horror of stereotypes *insert rolling eyeballs*).

 SCN is totally user (student) driven, and as you know we love to share videos, interesting links, post witty comments and CHAT. Although teachers are in the game, they don’t breathe down your neck on the network. I’m a teacher (and a student too) and i’m coool! *pats self on the back*

A good Time-Out Spot during studies

You and I know this truth – If you are studying and you visit Facebook or any other social networking site, Izzolova* – you’ll most likely get nothing tangible done! You know and I know – so let’s not argue.

On SCN however, I am able to embed my visits with my work because the ‘academic-aura’ carries over there and in a sense, work becomes play and play becomes work in a nice way. Perhaps if you tried it and felt otherwise, I would like to know.

I get to attend top universities F.O.C – Free of Charge

This should have most likely come first, but I thought to save the best for the last 😉

SCN has an arsenal of free resources from top universities, videos, course notes etc. all in one spot and organised according to your respective fields. The catch is that, you could also request materials on your area and they’ll make it available within 10 hours.

Those, dear DMJ reader,  are the major 5 things I love about SCN 🙂 See you there!

I wish you a great weekend.

Student Circle Network: http://studentscircle.net/live/

Twitter: Student Circle Network

“Babe, na only you dey go school…” * – Young woman, are you the only student in the world, take a chill pill 😀

Izzolova* – Actually, “it’s all over”

Media Junkie


4 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Student Circle Network!

  1. MediAfritiQ says:

    You are phenomenal, this is a great resource Tomi, shared this link with my buddies at Build a World!

  2. Tomexy says:

    Ihuoma, you are awesome too!… thanks… drop your blog link here as well so people can visit too – I gatch’yu 😀 (hugs)

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