Tweets from Rex Research Impact (How To)

IMPACT is the new buzz-word in academia!

In my definition, it refers to the ability of your work to breakthrough campus-walls and actually MEAN SOMETHING to the world outside the university.

Even though to a research student, it feels like academia is the only planet that truly exists, while Pluto, Uranus & co are extinct, there is actually a world out there that you always have to keep in mind while you work.

When I had a wonderful experience with BBC Africa as a Guest Editor (alongside Africa is a Country’s Sean Jacobs) in February this year, I didn’t really realise that sort of engagement had a name, IMPACT. (Full story on Y-Naija).

Your engagement may not be directly related to what your research is precisely about, but that doesn’t tamper down the impact of  your IMPACT (pardon the pun).

In order to avoid ranting and going-off tangent, as bloggers are most susceptible to, I will drop tweets of key points that emerged from this event put together by the brilliant Charlotte (see her research blog & twitter profile).


For more tweets on this event, do check the Hash-Tag – #reximpact

I’m off for now!

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