Talking Democracy…interesting comments

I know it’s been ages and I haven’t even welcomed you to the new month of June – pardon my eManners, Media Junkie has been swamped with R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H.

In fact, in the course of it all I have encountered some very interesting comments on DEMOCRACY – I thought i’ll share.

What is DEMOCRACY to you?

Here are some interesting analogies:

Calestous Juma is a Harvard Professor @Harvard @Kennedy_School interested in science, technology and innovation for development. The point he is making in my opinion is that, no one said the road to democracy would be easy, but alternate routes are disastrous.

This got me thinking about an article I stumbled on this morning, Has Democracy brought Blind Hope to Africa?. The opening reads:

In the beginning was the word, and the word was Democracy. And Democracy was the way, and the truth, and the light, and all who came unto Democracy would not perish, but have donor funds and equitable life.

The piece summarises how democracy in Africa is a sham, as leaders rulers put the interests of Western powers and corporations before the welfare of the people. Democracy was perceived as a saviour with the axe to level the playing field, however, reverse has been the case on the continent, according to the report. It’s worth your read.

This PDF document on the other hand, Institutionalising Democracy in Africa, discusses the African Union’s attempt at charting principles for democracy and good governance on the continent.

It is therefore not surprising, that even African citizens obsess about the theme, democracy.

There is a state governor in Nigeria who has been innocently flagging my attention on the social network site, Twitter. He seems to be doing all the right things as far as engaging with citizens is concerned. However, I will discuss this idea of public officials in the digital public sphere in  a more scholarly manner on my research blog sometime.

For instance here is a tweet from him that suggests he IS democracy-conscious:

Haha! I haven’t told you yet – I have finally summoned courage to start my research blog.

Digital Public Sphere blog

So anytime you don’t find me here…. trust your gut instincts, i’ll be there 🙂

Enjoy the mid-week.

Media Junkie


One thought on “Talking Democracy…interesting comments

  1. Voice is essential to sustaining democracy but that voice must exercised in a manner that is responsible, objective and balanced.

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