Getting the Theory Straight

It’s a given that there is no scientific research without a theoretical framework. That phrase – theoretical framework!

My first year is wrapping up pretty nicely and speedily I must add, yet all I have to show for it is intense investigation into the core theory I would be engaging with through out my research for the next couple of years.

At some point I felt like a child that couldn’t wait for to get to the final lick of the toffee I’d been twirling in my mouth because the wrapper said there’s a treasure (of bubble gum) at the end of it. To put it in clear terms, I couldn’t wait to get off laying the theoretical background of my work and leaping into the more exciting bits – things like 2012 and digital change – right!

However, it’s become more obvious to me as the days go by, the importance of spending time (so much time) grinding the theory(s) into munch-able bits before embarking on finding answers and landing a drop-dead-solution to the world’s problems (if your thesis aims do that).

Without trolling the boring stuff (which is getting interesting to me now), kissing Gramci, hugging Habermas and praising the lord for giving Kant his great mind, you won’t know the right questions to ask; your critical thinking process would be pretty warped.

I am glad to announce that I am totally owningmy theory with every moment I spend studying it. Although I can’t wait to move on to the interesting digital media bit of my research, I don’t think I would ever stop investigating the background to my study to seek deeper understanding. It’s all part of the process.

Talking about PROCESS…

This book rocks ... currently reading

This book rocks … currently reading

Let me take this opportunity to invite you to my research blog where I spew all thoughts about my thesis. I also manage and write on the PhD Life Blog of my university, where students like me come on and share stories of their experiences (like I have done here). Also, don’t forget Diary of a Media Junkie has a Facebook Page, please click and LIKE (I mean the action verb that involves clicking your mouse, not the ‘liking’ of the mind).

Do you have issues drawing your theoretical framework?

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