Media for Democracy event in Ghana -August 2012

I study DEMOCRACY (among other things).

This morning I stumbled on a key event taking place in Ghana, Media for Democracy. I literally walked into the heart of the discussion on Twitter. I needed to archive those tweets. I remembered I had a Storify account, alas the username and password eluded me. Then came the eureka moment! – I have a BLOG.

Dear reader, find below some of the media for democracy tweets that caught my pretty eye:

I could not agree less!

This tweet is assuming U.S.’s democratic culture is ideal and the ultimate benchmark against which a democracy should be measured – *insert cough*

When candidates lose trust in the media, they turn to alternative media – hence the proliferation of citizen journalism(-ists)

Yes, they can try. It’s no longer the age of the hyperdemric-needle (theory of media effects), people set their own agenda now. Traditional media outlets + bloggers + vloggers + tweeps (in fact citizens) need to collaborate to engender peace.

We’ve been screaming this since…forever!

Good question!

Another good question! I can’t imagine an alternative right now though.

This is a very important point. In my research I am seeking ways to keep democratic culture, awareness and participation among citizens at an all-time high (or at least steady). Let the deliberation and dialogue be ongoing. Political debates and participation should not be the exclusive of ‘election seasons’.

Yep! — among other functions on the media in pre-election season.

I understand from a tweet sent to me that today is Day 2 of the 3-day event. You can follow the rest of the story on Ghana Decides (See tweet below):

More posts from me soon.

Media Junkie


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