Eavesdropping “Democracy”

It looks like i’m always stumbling upon interesting events and conversations on Twitter  these days.

Any where I hear or see the word ‘democracy’ all my senses stand at attention (insert *pricked ears & sniffing nose*)…it’s a serious matter I tell you. This is what school has done to your homegirl – but I love eet.

Anyway to the gist at hand. I decided to take a peek into Twitter this afternoon, that’s where I found two friends talking Democracy in Nigeria in the light of the ongoing DNC convention in the US.

I am going to drop their tweets below, but more importantly, I am looking forward to having you extend the conversation.

The question is: What is your view about the practice of DEMOCRACY in Nigeria (or any country of your choice in which you are informed)

THE CONVO, This is how it started. The Calabar-Boy tweeted a line from Bill Clinton’s speech:

Then @African-Women-in-Power retweeted and included a Nigeria hash-tag (perhaps highlighting the significance of the statement to Nigeria’s kind of democracy):

At this point, @Ms. Afropolitan stepped in with another perspective:

@TheCalabarBoy seemed to disagree:

@MsAfropolitan with a sweet come-back.. I favourited this tweet:

@TheCalabarBoy continues along his line of argument:

@MsAfropolitan responds frankly:

@TheCalabarBoy makes a strong argument here:

@MsAfropolitan injects an interesting twist… which i am keen to pursue to be honest

@TheCalabarBoy hands up in surrender 😛

Back to the genesis, @African-Women-Power wraps up the debate nicely with…

I am not set to wrap this interesting conversation up just yet, so please drop comments and let’s talk…

what do you think about Nigeria’s democracy (or that of your country)? In view of how U.S handles her electoral process + oratory speeches and all… what do you make of Democracy in Nigeria?

Please share this article and let’s have a round table.

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2 thoughts on “Eavesdropping “Democracy”

  1. I agree with Reginald; Nigeria’s democracy is evolving. I am not saying things can’t be better but sometimes people (human nature) want to run before even learning to crawl. It is a process. You compare with America? Okay, fine. The question is how old is their democracy? What did they have to endure in the early years? Democratically, Nigeria is a baby. Democracy is a process, Nigeria will get there; we are evolving.

  2. Nigeria is/not a democracy, it depends on your definition of democracy. We have an electoral democracy in place but we do not have a democracy when defined by competition/participation ( equal right of political parties to contest elections), transparency, human rights and finally the rule of law.

    It is not just enough to say Nigeria does have a democracy it must be guided by certain criteria.

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