Games for Critical Thinking

This is quick post.

Lately, i’ve been spending time on a little how-to book (not for dummies though), that my awesome supervisor agreed to loan me upon request when I spotted it in his huge library – “Critical Thinking for Students”. I am all for constant self-development. You may know how to think critically, yes, what if there are now better ways to do so?

How I work this book is that after a hard day’s job of reading and writing for hours, I pick a chapter and devour – then I put it away in my locker for another few days before I proceed to the next chapter. Now I have about 3 chapters left. No rush.

The beauty of this book and how it’s written is that in-between sections, there are exercises (oh, how i’ve missed that since primary school). It’s in your best interest to do them and mark yourself against the answers provided in the following page. Unlike most people, I think I do enjoy marking (note, “I think”). In fact, I enjoy marking my  work – i’m ruthless to me because I want the best out of me – I mean who would I be decieving if I gave myself 100/100? I am my worst critic.

Moving on, when I found how much I enjoyed using this book to improve my critical thinking skills, given the ‘exercise game’ format, I started to think of possible ‘Critical Thinking’ games. …just a game I could play and relax, while expanding my brain’s grey matter.

There was no better place to pop the Q except Twitter… are there any games that enhance Critical Thinking? My good friends did not disappoint me (i love my Tweeps). However, brace yourself for naughty suggestions like “Fifa 13” lol – did I tell you my top aspiration is to be a WAG.. see wahala (nigerian english expression  for , “Just Imagine!”)

The Tweets:

Summary: The games suggested are – Sudoku, Scrabble and Monopoly (please ignore Mr. Jemine).
Thank you for your suggestions @tayo4arsenal, @nnabros, @dudu_duttie and @ the Fairy God Sister – did I mention she has a very intresting blog, Fairy Godsister’s blog. Visit and thank me later 🙂

Do you have any other suggestions of games that improve one’s critical thinking skills? Please drop a comment.

Downloading Sudoku app (if i get the time to play it) …10%….15%…40%….


One thought on “Games for Critical Thinking

  1. D Cotto says:

    For the longest I’ve been looking for ways to improve my critical thinking skills. I’ve never thought of myself as much of a critical thinker but I imagine it is one of the skills I’ve best utilized in grad school. I can’t wait to look into this book (and catch up on my favorite pasttime, Sudoku!). It would be interesting to look into what research has to say about it.

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