To Serve with All Our Strength – Film

Sometime last year, the Media Junkie caught up with African Movie Academy short film Winner, Ishaya Bako, for a chat. Remember the guy who said he threatened shave his legs and walk the streets of Port-harcourt if his folks didn’t let him go to film school? Yep, if you missed the gist, catch it here.

Good news! Bako’s career in film making has hit another high this year, being a runner-up in the popular Afrinolly Short Film Competition sponsored by MTN Nigeria. The award ceremony held at the Federal Palace Hotel, V.I. Lagos on 22nd March, 2013. Details here.

Bako’s entry (as Director) for the Afrinolly competition is titled, To Serve With All Our Strength – excerpt from the Nigerian national anthem.

Bako’s talent in film always piques my interest.
However, this time my appreciation for the work went beyond the camera angles, quality, sound etc. It was the plot that  hit it for me.
The students’ use of the mobile phone to kickstart (despite being doubtful about the potential due to who Mrs. Haruna may know At the Top)  a little wave of social change.
By going ahead to report the corrupt public official, using the evidence gathered from a mobile phone video recording to ensure she is appropriately dealt with, they’ve demonstrated:
  • An awareness of their rights as citizens of their country going to SERVE their country
  • An awareness of the potential of digital media in engendering social change (no matter how frail or of little impact)
I will conclude on this note, using a tweet I stumbled on early this year :
Technology is not the problem
Technology is not the solution
It is the people’s awareness that matters
Congratulations Ishaya Bako!
Ishaya Bako
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