Afro Students’ Style Book

I am not a fashionista. 

A lot of my friends seem to think I have great taste – but I always direct them to these other lovely friends of mine Romski (fashion editor, Haute Fashion Africa) & Damz (Fierce & Modish)…Yewizzy (rock-tastic blog) has contributed to helping resolve my skin-tone-befitting lipstick saga.  If I seem to be a fashion-pro, it’s because of their goodwill in sharing a few tips here and there. Okay maybe I now do a bit of research to back it up, but I assure you I am not a fashionista, I just want to look good. 
All through undergrad days, MsModish sat on my head to pay attention to clothes. Her line was always, “Tee spend this money ahn!”.
However, what I know I am good at, is making sure my fashion needs don’t clash with my real BUSY needs, which is primarily my research a the moment. At the same time, I don’t want to be the “smart but scruffy professor” – so it’s all about finding a balance. 
What do I do? 
If my make up is going to take an hour to get right, I sacrifice from the hours allocated to sleeping. Note that I am very generous in that sleep department. I love my sleep. Hence, if it means forcing my head to hit the pillows at 9pm so I can lock down 8 solid hours of sleep ( 8 is indulging) and still arise at 5am like a good girl, I would. 
Thankfully, the nuder my make-up, the prettier I am, so 15-minutes does the “hmm-she’s-a-fine-girl” trick, and 30-minutes does the “turn-around-and-check-her-out-again” trick. What else do I want – spending an hour on makeup??! Girl, it has to be my wedding day, all for colour-colour on my face :s
Research students and any serious student at all, keep off Brazilian hair. That hair is cost-intensive and time-intensive, shanda! Maybe you can handle it though… I tried and failed with the Braz. How can I have to be rolling hair every night before I sleep, just to get the curls of life for the following day? Biko*, pass me the thread let’s do “eko bridge” so I can sleep well (if my “bridge” doesn’t hit the bed post and have me wincing in pain at midnight, lol). EkoBridge
The best time-saving hair styles I have come to learn are: Kinky braids and normal box braids. 
Kinky braids are the best. 
It is no wonder I have become a pro at packing my hair. I can work different styles for an entire week without repeating one. 
If you run out of creative ideas to change your looks with your braids, YouTube is your friend. 
Another option is to invest in WIGS – natural-looking ones o, not ayamatanga-incarnate. Human hair wigs are a worthy investment, they pay off. 
I bought one for £40 last February, it’s still sitting gingerly atop my dresser – tangle free and no shedding. 
Wigs are a convenient way to change your looks, whilst treating your natural hair with the gentleness it deserves. They are great time-savers. I tried going natural… that’s a story for another day.
Nails, Legs, Eyebrows, facials:
Nne, is it your wedding? Every week, “I need to fix my nails” , “oh my eyebrows are bushy” (after a week, are you from the lineage of Tarzan?).. “ah I need a pedicure”. 
That time you would spend in a parlour, you could have read one journal article o. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating. But seriously, how can you afford to do weekly beauty therapy at the salon as a student. 
Research stuff you can do on your own – haba you can maintain your God-given natural nails without fixing those talons that will make you press the “shift key” instead of the “enter key” when writing that course work. There are loads of resources on natural everyday ingredients you can use on your face (the products at the drugstores also come handy)…better don’t kill yourself (literal translation from Yoruba, “oje ma pa ara e”).
Anyway these are MY current style tips, MY opinion… and they can change – so don’t judge me if you catch me fixing my nails later o, I will shred you with the words of my mouth… lol (i kid). 
Okay, so how do you manage to stay stylish despite your busy schedules?
How DID you manage to stay stylish as a student back then? 
Please share, let’s learn.
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16 thoughts on “Afro Students’ Style Book

  1. funmisonaike says:

    Nice one tee

  2. Ms Modish says:

    loves it! i’d guest blog one of these saturdays…so fun lol!

  3. agatha4life says:

    Welcome back Soft Saturday column. Nice one prof.

    • Tee says:

      I so had you in mind when I decided to revive this category last week. You’ve been a faithful lover of Soft-Saturdays, and I am very grateful. Thanks for your support. I intend to keep this up every week now, even if it “kills” me 🙂

  4. Jen Poet says:

    Love it! Great tips! Back in school, I was a plain Jane. Just learning to pick up now. Thanks for sharing yours;-)

    • Tee says:

      That makes two of us Jen lol. My first dabble into make-up was a disaster. Let’s hope I am bold enough to write about it sometime, since “the Lord has now changed my story” hehe.

  5. Ha ha ha!!! This post made me laugh lots!!! And I have pressed the shift key instead of ‘enter’ a few times! Nope I don’t have fixed nails on anymore!

    Well done Tomi… don’t lose this fun side of you.


    • Tee says:

      Lol thanks FGS. Do you remember when you encouraged me to start the SoftSaturday category because I felt this blog was too serious for stuff like that. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.


  6. G. Uk says:

    Any sample of your own “normal day” do. As a guide 🙂

  7. Nwunye says:

    Ah! I’m not stylish o, so I can’t comment beyond this. I will say that having dreadlocks helped and after 4+ years (6 of natural hair) when it stopped fitting in with my current lifestyle, I shaved it off. Now I rock a near gori. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    • Tee says:

      You are not stylish? The “you” that I met last year was looking drop-dead-gorgeous o (no washing involved). “Near-Gori” I wish I could be that bold – I’m sure you look even more stylish than you have any intention of portraying with this new look. I would so love to see you again 🙂

  8. Hahaha! I loved this. Everyday is not wedding day biko, can’t be doing hair and nails EVERY morning na, is this why we are here?

    Nicely written dear. Me likey.

  9. Seyi says:

    Hahaahahahha love it…

    Nice one

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