Indomie: Students’ Meal Deal

indomie packPardon me – this is a really short Soft-Saturday as this weekend is a blaaady working one for me. My deadlines would spell “O-u-a-g-a-d-o-u-g-o-u” almost twice. In fact I am so tied up I haven’t managed a proper decent meal today; which brings me to the topic of the day – Indomie: saving students’ lives since 19-go-go-ro (since forever). 

There is nothing I have not tried with this noodle product called Indomie – Indomie Jollof, Indomie Stir Fry, Indomie Peppersoup, Indo-Kings-Prawn-Tikka-Chicken-Breast… IF I have to mention any more versions I’ll be speaking in tongues…

3 reasons why “Indomie” rocks:
Number 1: It’s the next fastest food after garri flakes + sugar (nothing beats this one) – any girl that forms “I don’t take garri”, you can’t be my friend. It’s tantamount to saying you don’t use the bathroom – abeg sis – park well! Even my “innit” girls here make a beeline for my kitchen cupboard when ijebu garri arrives – you know the type that pleasantly shocks your teeth mid-chew. 
Number 2: Indomie is adaptable – you can make it into anything you want it to be, just have the right  ingredients of transformation. Do you want it rich in vegetables, buy vegs…in sea food, load your trolley with prawns, crabs etc. 
Number 3: Indomie is affordable – this needs no explanation. 
cooked noodles
There is a downside to being an Indomie-expert as a woman. I don’t know where people get this impression from, but once you are an expert at making noodles, you are regarded with suspicion as someone that can’t cook. In fact, Indomie always takes the fall when “mummies” want to ridicule a girl that can’t cook – “afi Indomie yi shaaaa” (trans: only this Indomie, that’s all). 
Well, dear brothers and sisters reading this Soft Saturday, be not afraid to declare your emotions for your Indomie lol. It saves time, it saves money and it hits the right spot in the belly. Indomie is a winner anyway. Up Indomie! 
Do you want to testify to the wonders of Indomie in your student life? Please comment and share 🙂 
Media Junkie… see you next Saturday.
P.S. In case you missed it, last week’s post was Afro Students’ Style Book…enjoy.
Hat-tip to Mediafritique ( DMJ loyalist) for this noodle tribute video from Houston College U.S. 😀
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6 thoughts on “Indomie: Students’ Meal Deal

  1. Dudu says:

    Lmao. Indomie is a life saver. No contest

  2. motilolaakin says:

    Honestly Tomi, it couldn’t have been better said. Indomie for me goes beyond just being cheap and easy to cook. It helps restore my confidence when the PhD journey gets rough and lonely. Cooking indomie on any of those nights either the stir-fry style or jollof way has a way of reassuring me that I am still capable of getting things right 🙂 Indomie is a better chamomile when looming deadlines and hunger collide. Even when I visit friends and family and they are still trying to impress with fine dining, I simply ask ‘abeg noodles dey’ ( Have you got noodles?) It will always remain a winner!

  3. Agatha Akhabue Fältström says:

    Tee Indomie is and will always remain a winner. I feel like cooking my special Indomie Peppersoup for you.

    • Tee says:

      Haha Agatha your Indomie is on another level…where you’ll have orange slices or pineapple available for desert afterwards lol #lodgememories 😄

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