3 Lagos Shows on Point!

If you thought Nollywood was a big thing, I see something bigger brewing… it is the influx of “ONLINE TV” dramas from Nigeria. 

 Gidi UP
Let’s start with GIDI UP… I would’t have known about this amazing drama-let, but for my Mediafritique subscription that kept delivering each new episode to my email box each week (Shout to Chichi Mambo)!
GIDI UP is a story about 4 friends living in the city of Lagos. It details the reality of their struggles in both personal and professional lives. Okay Africa gives us 3 reasons why we need to watch this show. 
Episodes: OneTwo, ThreeFourFiveSixSeven & Eight (finale).

 Lekki Wives
Next on the menu is LEKKI WIVES
Think LEKKI WIVES, think DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES… and every American wifey programme you can imagine. It is the brainchild of a Blessing Egbe, a 6-year resident of… you guessed right, Lekki.
The story is based on the lives of 5 wealthy wives living in Lagos’ highbrow LEKKI (you can call it Nigeria’s Essex or L.A.), an affluent suburb. 
What piqued my interest was the creator’s chosen mode of distribution – exclusively online (and for a fee). Listen to Blessing’s argument as to why in this clip from TV2FRICA
 The Island
Finally, THE ISLAND. I can’t shout – have you seen the line-up of talents for this show? Let the trailer speak for itself and see Bella Naija for more details on the show. 
Are there anymore web shows, from anywhere in Africa, catching your fancy… please share with us. 
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4 thoughts on “3 Lagos Shows on Point!

  1. Jen Poet says:

    😉 I don’t have a TV… so don’t know what TV series get the good ratings these days! But thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading the next post!

    • Tee says:

      GIDI UP is a web series… click the links on the post to watch them on YouTube. Lekki Wives is also available online only. As for The Island, I reckon they would use both Online and TV media.
      Next post would be more engaging…MJ promises lol (thank you)

  2. agatha4life says:

    I have been carried away by Hollywood TV series since its easy to watch online. Thanks for sharing, now I know about “ONLINE TV” dramas from Nigeria.

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