Leke Alder…Serious Professional, Relationship Coach

LEKE_ALDERI have been following Leke Alder for a while now on Twitter. 
The “Leke Alder” I’ve always known is an established and successful management consultant… I mean, his organisation was sometimes a reference point in my office (when I worked with a brand management firm) – Alder Consulting is that good!
However, for the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing him drop RELATIONSHIPS wisdom nuggets from his Twitter account every Saturday – and every saturday, I keep telling myself “Tee curate these things“. Well, this saturday, I have finally gotten round doing just that (fire “procrastination” – boom!Pow!). 
Before I drop his tweets, I would also like to acknowledge the fact that it is INTERESTING to find that such a SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL has the time and considers it important to venture into such waters as LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS. It totally contradicts my impression of him, but it gives my joy no bounds. Ask me why? 
I feel like i’m not so STRANGE after all, being in academia at the moment, whilst running this blog with all kinds of content from PLAY to “SERIOUSNESS”. I will like to consider myself a well-rounded individual, adaptable, flexible and humorous-to-boot. Therefore, Thank you Mr. Alder for…I can’t really express what i’m thanking him for… you get me>
LETTER TO JILL (the ladies) Le(t’s)gooooooo! 


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One thought on “Leke Alder…Serious Professional, Relationship Coach

  1. MediAfritiQ says:



    please keep these coming Tomi, your work is much appreciated.

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