#Acwrimo – Day Seven & working from home.

It’s the 7th day of the Academic Writing Month of November. I’ve been amazed at my ability to churn 1,000+ per day (although yesterday was just 500). I seem to have breezed through all the research I had accrued towards the chapter, for which completion is my goal for the month – and I find myself suffering from a deficit of research material to carry on.

This simply means I need to be flexible and admit that everyday can’t be for the Wordsmith, some days have to go to The Researcher. I’m pretty okay with this, as long as the goal of completing the chapter (and some other little writing commitments) are met. Image

I was just engaged in a discussion with colleagues, we were talking about the effectiveness of “working from home” as a PhD student. I am of the opinion that except you’ve succeeded in setting up a workspace in your home, away from your bed and the bedroom, you are setting yourself up for an unproductive day working from home. Yes, you may get some tasks completed, but compared to your colleagues who either went to the library, their offices or even a coffee shop – you would have done nada!

This is my opinion anyway. Do you work from home sometimes, how does that work for you?

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4 thoughts on “#Acwrimo – Day Seven & working from home.

  1. Well done Tomi! I am so excited for you that you’ve managed to churn out 6,500 word since #Acwrimo13! That’s some fantastic news. I don’t get so many words in per day but I just need some fire under my chair and I will be writing 5,000words at a go (lol). But #Acwrimo is making me rethink my strategy. It’s amazing how you can concentrate from home. I really haven’t being able to pull that off without all the recipes I’ve seen on MasterChef flashing up in my brain. That said, I’m usually amazed at how productive I can be working at home at night especially when a paper is due 🙂 (Note to self: don’t underestimate what you can do under pressure).

    All the best with the chapter dear. I have no doubts that it will all come together at the end of the day. xx

    • Tee says:

      Hang on, lol – I| forgot to mention that some of those days were research days, altogether, I think i have just over 3,500. I haven’t done any writing today 🙂 [i will edit the post]

      Exactly, working from home doesn’t work! One second you’re hungry, you want to fix a “quickie”, the next second you’re yawning – not to mention keeping the heating on to stay warm and running bills you could have saved.

      Library is the way to go.

  2. D says:

    Nice to read something on here after a long break. Working from home can be a bummer when you have deliverable with a strict timeline. Nevertheless, the pressure somewhats ignites the focus to finish it up. Well, I am not a Phd student but I am talking from a report writing point of view.

    • Tee says:

      Hi D, thank you for your comment.

      I reckon where “deliverables” and “pay” for a finished job are at stake, the stakes get higher lol, and one is likely to get up and productive at ALL cost 🙂

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