Acwrimo – Day 13

It’s the thirteenth day of the Academic Writing Month.

DMJ Photography. Copyright.

DMJ Photography. Copyright.

How is it going? Great I think – at least  it was going great until I saw a tweet from a fellow Acwrimo-colleaguge say she had bagged 12,000 + words so far; and I thought YIKES!

The past three days haven’t been spent doing as much writing, but I’ve been well invested in reading up relevant literature. I’ve found it productive to punctuate my writing spells with a bit of reading, as this has helped keep me from getting burnt out. Whenever I get done with any reading, I actually look forward to writing it all up. I often end up with more material than I needed, but that’s the way it always goes right?

I signed up for a Shut Up and Write session today 10-4pm, and I managed a whooping 1,309 words (not bad at all). Tomorrow however is another Reading Day.

Let me not forget to mention this for the benefit of anyone heavy-laden with transcribing audio files. I found this absolutely gorgeous app for Mac, Speedible. It’s been a great support for my research, as I can actually control the pace of my audio – which means less “pause” and “play” for me as I type. I dont think my transcription speed has increased overall, but i’ve found the task of transcribing my interviews a much more pleasant journey since I acquired this app.

Tomorrow is another day, I best run along.




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