Connecting Nigerian Women to ICT

THE disparity between women and their male counterparts in accessing basic Information and Communications

Photo credit: Anon

Photo credit: Anon

Technologies (ICTs) may have been identified as a huge constraint in Nigeria’s quest to becoming a major economic bloc in the African sub-region. For Nigeria to emerge as a major economic force, it must urgently address the development of its womenfolk, as it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that there cannot be development in any country if the women are not developed. One critical aspect of Nigeria’s development that has been identified is women and ICT.

The potential of ICT to contribute to women development, including eliminating gender disparities, is currently compromised by unevenness in the pace and spread of these technologies. Today, the gender imbalance is evident, as the number of female personnel specialised in ICT is less than half of that of their male folks. Therefore, it has become very crucial if not urgent to address this particular issue while moving towards a gender-balanced information society through proper human resources development initiatives in ICT…

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