Welcome to my little hut on the blogosphere. I started this blog in 2010 as part of a course work photorequirement during my Masters program in Global Media and Communication. Since then, it has morphed into all kinds of shapes. Despite how challenging the task of introducing this blog to you is, I am going to try. 

Let me start from the top by announcing that new categories have been introduced to the blog – “Digital Africa News” & “Photography”. Digital Africa News is to serve as a CURATOR of interesting stories across the globe on all things digital media in Africa – from adoption and usage, to social, political and cultural impact etc.

Photography on the hand, is simply to show case my personal gallery. Photography has always been my hobby – one I voraciously explored as an undergraduate. I see blogging as an opportunity to “keep the love alive” whilst staying relevant to my chosen career path as an academic researcher.

I am a research student in one of England’s cities. My doctoral research looks at ways of developing democracy through digital media; specifically developing a culture of democratic thinking, behaviour and communication through a digital public sphere in Nigeria.

In the context of the situation in Africa, and particularly Nigeria, I am investigating the fast growing digital media environment. I am interested in the way digital media enhances, and also presents challenges for, social and political communication. At the end of my thesis, I hope to develop strategies for developing democracies (societies) to maximise new media tools – these strategies would be relevant to public policy, political parties, civil society organisations and active citizens.

Coming back to the blog, I did mention that it has taken all kinds of shapes. In the history of this blog, it has covered everything from serious to mundane issues. Blame it on me, I can write a commentary on almost anything. When I recently decided this year to keep a niche and subject-specific blog, I decided to clear all previous posts into a Category called “Old DMJ”.

The top categories for this new face of Diary of a Media Junkie are:

Home (default)
Digital Africa News
Researcher Life

This is Diary of a Media Junkie, thank you for visiting.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. myne Whitman says:

    Just read some of your posts especially the one on Who will write for my kids, really good.

    • Tomexy says:

      Oh thank you Myne.
      You just put a huge smile on my face this end of the year. I am honoured to have you on my blog and humbled by your comment. I await more of your works in 2011. Compliments of the season 🙂

  2. […] was up  at 6am, ready to leave at 6.45am, and I must thank my newest friend, Tomi, for insisting I wear the white sweater, it looked lovely sha! I caught the 7.20am train and soon […]

  3. chichimambo says:

    TOMIIII…lol I just ready your copyright for the first time, I am seriously rolling over and over and over laughing, I need your permission to make this my facebok status update, you are hilarious

  4. 1960standard says:

    Are you ready to defend your argument? Cos I intend to take you up on each of them in the press. Goodenergy I must say but keep a holistic view of politics,media and development.

  5. Yay you! You’re finally doing this! Way to go girl! *off to read the first post*

  6. Nkechi says:

    Hey Tomi!!!! It’s never a dull moment reading your blogs!!! There’s always something fresh and insightful!! *Smiles* Totally enjoyed your piece on ‘Academic Career; Reality Check..1, 2’. I hadn’t really approached the thoughts of an academic research career from the perspectives you highlighted…Thanks for sharing!!!


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