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ICT education coming to Nigeria

It’s in the news that an Indian technology company is partnering with a local firm, Linkeserve, to bring ICT education to Nigeria. The Indian company, Talentledge, would offer this service, through its multiple product lines, such as:

1) Individual learning programmesphoto

2) Campus learning schemes

3) Corporate education programs

4) Government training projectors

For more details, visit All Africa

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Social Media Mourns Madiba

My heart dropped yesterday evening, when the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing hit me.


I was on my iPad when the BBC News app delivered the news in a brief drop-down notification. Next, my pops called on my mobile phone to share the news (we always share news stories and ideas), just in case I hadn’t heard. Then I went on Twitter and Facebook to read reactions on my laptop, while watching tributes on TV iPad BBC News Live app. Continue reading

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A Tweet kickstarts racism debate in Norway…

A simple tweet from a university student of Somali origin in Norway has triggered a big debate tweetin the country over racism.

It started with a tweet. On Sunday evening, medical student Warsan Ismail began to list a series of everyday examples of racism she and her family have experienced in Norway. She began with the story of how, when she was just five, her neighbours set a pair of dogs after her mother. In 140 characters, she continued with anecdote after anecdote – each one tagged with the hashtag #norskrasisme, or “Norwegian racism”.

Story on BBC News

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Building Africa’s Amazon… Jumia

When Gbemiga Omotoso bought a Samsung tablet last year, he handed over his cash to a man in JUMIAa van. The transaction wasn’t illegal, though. It’s part of online retailer Jumia’s attempt to adapt its operation to the unique challenges of selling in Nigeria. With many of the country’s 160 million residents suspicious of paying online—yes, they get those fraudulent e-mails, too—the Lagos-based retailer wins over skeptical shoppers by accepting payment on delivery and offering free returns. “It’s very important that people know it’s not a scam,” says 29-year-old co-founder Tunde Kehinde. “Even though they want to buy, trust is still a very, very big issue.”…

Story on Bloomberg Businessweek

Connecting Nigerian Women to ICT

THE disparity between women and their male counterparts in accessing basic Information and Communications

Photo credit: Anon

Photo credit: Anon

Technologies (ICTs) may have been identified as a huge constraint in Nigeria’s quest to becoming a major economic bloc in the African sub-region. For Nigeria to emerge as a major economic force, it must urgently address the development of its womenfolk, as it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that there cannot be development in any country if the women are not developed. One critical aspect of Nigeria’s development that has been identified is women and ICT. Continue reading

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