World’s Most Active Twitter Users goes to…?

In an unexpected finding, Saudis have emerged as the world’s most active Twitter users, while Indians ranked among the Social Media Worldlowest tweeters on the micro-blogging site, according to new research.

According to PeerReach, 32 per cent of the Saudi’s online population are active monthly Twitter users.

However, countries such as India, Nigeria and Germany seem to have very little to tweet with only one per cent active Twitter users in each nation…

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Visit to London [pics]

These are not your conventional “Big Ben” pictures of London…just a Miss strolling down the streets with her camera.

Photography. Diary of a Media Junkie. Copyright.

Photography. Diary of a Media Junkie. Copyright.

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African Tech Start-UPs… thriving against all odds

When Abasiama Idaresit started a digital marketing firm in Nigeria’s bustling economic capital three years ago, he quickly learned how brutal life can be in a market where tech startups are in their infancy.

No-one would lend him money to hire staff or pay for office space, so Idaresit spent eight months hustling the streets of Lagos, trying to convince clients his plan to help them develop online campaigns was a winner…

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Photo credit: Manufacturing Today

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Nigerian films boosted by online startup

Nigerian films don’t often make it to Western cinemas, but Nigerians living abroad can now see their favourite “Nollywood” movies thanks to a London-based Internet startup.

Jason Njoku, a 31-year-old Londoner of Nigerian descent, got the idea for his company when his mother asked him to get her some DVDs of Nigerian movies and he couldn’t find any online…
irokotv launches on Nokia Lumia 920

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Acwrimo – Day 13

It’s the thirteenth day of the Academic Writing Month.

DMJ Photography. Copyright.

DMJ Photography. Copyright.

How is it going? Great I think – at least  it was going great until I saw a tweet from a fellow Acwrimo-colleaguge say she had bagged 12,000 + words so far; and I thought YIKES!

The past three days haven’t been spent doing as much writing, but I’ve been well invested in reading up relevant literature. I’ve found it productive to punctuate my writing spells with a bit of reading, as this has helped keep me from getting burnt out. Whenever I get done with any reading, I actually look forward to writing it all up. I often end up with more material than I needed, but that’s the way it always goes right? Continue reading

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