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Social Media Mourns Madiba

My heart dropped yesterday evening, when the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing hit me.


I was on my iPad when the BBC News app delivered the news in a brief drop-down notification. Next, my pops called on my mobile phone to share the news (we always share news stories and ideas), just in case I hadn’t heard. Then I went on Twitter and Facebook to read reactions on my laptop, while watching tributes on TV iPad BBC News Live app. Continue reading

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African Tech Start-UPs… thriving against all odds

When Abasiama Idaresit started a digital marketing firm in Nigeria’s bustling economic capital three years ago, he quickly learned how brutal life can be in a market where tech startups are in their infancy.

No-one would lend him money to hire staff or pay for office space, so Idaresit spent eight months hustling the streets of Lagos, trying to convince clients his plan to help them develop online campaigns was a winner…

Read news on ITWEBNewsAfrica.com
Photo credit: Manufacturing Today

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Is Global Media Africa’s Enemy?

I welcome you to discuss this with me, because I think not. Please comment and share this post.

There is this emerging trend where international news organisations are being perceived as enemies in Africa. It may have always been so, but such perceptions are being further amplified on platforms such as blogs, social networks.

Last week, I came across an interesting article by Femke, a Dutch journalist currently residing in Nigeria. In this article, she wrote about the underwhelming scamming talent of Nigerians, the nation against which the official title for online scamming has been named – the Nigerian Prince. There is even a movie on it – 419: The Nigerian Scam (2008). I was impressed at how she demonstrated the principle of balance (albeit that this wasn’t a news report). Here is an excerpt:

Before coming to this country for the very first time, I religiously studied all known strategies of fraud and deceit. Nigeria is the kingdom of deception, I had been told…Determined not to get scammed, I prepared myself for the worst. I was not going to be one of those gullible oyinbos…How disappointed I was once I arrived in Nigeria! Continue reading

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2012 Book: Radio in Africa…

Radio in Africa: Publics, Cultures and Communities is edited by Liz Gunner, Dina Ligaga and Dumisani Moyo


Radio has been called ‘Africa’s medium’. Its wide accessibility is a result of a number of factors, including the liberalisation policies of the ‘third wave’ of democracy and its ability to transcend the barriers of cost, geographical boundaries, the colonial linguistic heritage and low literacy levels. This sets it apart from other media platforms in facilitating political debate, shaping identities and assisting listeners as they negotiate the challenges of everyday life on the continent. Continue reading

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Stop Kony – the good, the bad & the ugly

I am schooled in Framing theory.

I recognise a frame when I see one.

The Stop Kony video is a frame, a construction of reality.

To frame is to select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more salient in a communicating text (like the video), in such a way as to promote a particular problem definition (kony), causal interpretation (because people don’t know about Kony), moral evaluation and/or treatment recommendation (see Jacob, we need to stop Kony and this is how…) for the item described (Entman, 1993).

Are frames bad? – There are many sides to the story. Do bear with me if at the end of this page, I have not helped you reach a conclusion. Continue reading

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